DIY- The Best Setting Powder

Foundation is a daily must for me, but I’m always struggling to make it last all day, no matter which brand I use. The one thing that actually helps significantly is to set my foundation and concealer with a powder. It helps cover up any oiliness, making the foundation stay in place and last longer. I find using a translucent powder is best. Since it’s translucent, it can be used on any skin tone and because you’re not adding more color and coverage, it doesn’t make you look cakey at all!

However, buying a good setting powder can often cost 20+ dollars just for a small container. In my opinion, that’s absolutely ridiculous. So I recently discovered an at-home solution. I’ve found that corn starch works amazingly as a setting powder. A box of corn starch at the grocery store can cost as little as $1-3 dollars and if you use it just as a makeup powder, you’ll never run out! It’s commonly used in cooking/baking so chances are you probably already have a box of it at home:


How to use cornstarch as a setting powder:
Step 1: Pour a bit of cornstarch into a little container or jar.
Step 2: Dip a fluffy makeup brush (powder brush) into the container.
Step 3: Tap off excess- you should have just a light dusting on your brush. Step 4: Using gentle strokes, brush on and blend cornstarch onto freshly applied foundation or if throughout the day your face becomes oily.

Not only will this make your face matte, but your foundation and concealer will last longer, your face will feel soft and smooth, and your wallet will be a lot fuller!

I hope you enjoyed this and found it helpful! Leave any suggestions for future blog posts in the comments. Thanks for reading!

xoxo, Danielle


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